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Their are many ways to hit the spotlight as a Minecraft creator but the highest accolade has to be to be featured by or be featured on the Minecraft Game hub. We are proud to list the following builders as the highlight of our many contracted partners.

By the Square & JoeyJoeyjo yo

Minecraft Servers admin and By The Square build team leader Aloha Karma, and Joey Joeyjo Yo, are some of the finest modern and classical builders out there. Click above to see their amazing feature.


Venom lakes, bone serpents and skyscraper-sized demons, this is the world of IHOLDOIR.

IHOLDOR has been a key member of the Xbox community for many years and we are proud to showcase his work as part of our portfolio.

Smurf Masher

Partner, and admin of Minecraft Servers, medieval and fantasy city builder Smurf Masher is a long term contributer in the minecraft community and we are proud to include his work in our portfolio.

Michael Newton

Michael, also known as HoBo f0r L1Fe, is another Minecraft Servers admin who made the cut to be featured on Majestic fantasy palaces, epic steampunk steam trains, Michael is a welcome addition to our portfolio.

|I The Fox I|

|I The Fox I| is one the best known medieval builders out there, owning multiple worlds filled with cities; featured on the game hub at least three times and toured by Microsoft on their official livestream. The Fox is a prolific high detail builder wether working in a team or solo.

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