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We are looking for incredible builders to join us and create EPIC content for the Minecraft Xbox community

We currently represent 31 incredible builders and the 190k members of the Minecraft Servers club On Xbox. We create content and work with content creators to bring quality content to the Xbox Live Market Place.

NPS take a small percentage of the Market Place revenue from your submitted builds, enough to cover our costs, run quality assurance and family friendly checks on your builds, and keep this enterprise running. The rest is yours to spend, as it should be for your hard work.


We must maintain high standards and ensure that only the best builds can be submitted. We will also spend hours checking your build to ensure it is family friendly (No phallic objects will slip through)



Once our Partnership application has been approved we will have access to the Market place. Contractors creating content will be able to submit their worlds to us to QA and approve (or decline)  for submission. 


We have over a dozen build teams currently building every imaginable Minecraft theme, from Parkour to adventure maps, to EPIC cities years in the making. If you want to join in come join our discord!

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